New York is real - the rest are just mirrors !

I got to check off an item from my wishlist this past weekend, an item I had developed during our stay in New Jersey. It was to visit the Mecca of jazz clubs, the Blue Note. (I wanted to see Medina as well, Birdland, but that's for another day). My real wish was to catch the late late night sets that they have, usually 1 to 4, but let's get real. I usually collapse by 1:30, even in a loud bar. So the 10:30 set it was - Cachao, a Latin Jazz sensation.

There is a feeling of youth that accompanies a day at the Met, dinner at a Sushi restaurant in the Village and a visit to a Jazz Club. We were discussing how residents of Chicago, Philadelphia and Boston prefer their hometown to NYC on a comfort level basis (I am one of those people). However, New York still stuns oneself. There are more people on the subway and at Times Square at 1 AM than most places have at mid-day. As far as the entire package goes, New York is the REAL DEAL !


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

It was amusing and interesting to read your postings. have never been to Bluenote ... could you be a little more elaborate of how and why it is different from the others. Also, could not catch the remark on "kallol" -- more on that too, please !!

Gangu said...

wow, questions about my blog !!
The "difference" between the Blue Note & Birdland and the others is the "legend" status. You should Google them and read the history.
Kallol is a New Jersey Association of "Bengali" people