Human Gallery

I'll volunteer for most anything, they serve as my avenues for de-compression. It helps me escape mundane reality by doing something I would not normally do and the more mindless the better. Occasionally, it's for a good cause, well, it's never for a bad cause, just how good the cause is varies and depends on your outlook on life.

Sometimes, my volunteering is linked to a hobby. This Saturday, I joined 21 other photographers (amateur and pro) from the Boston Photography Center and became a living breathing gallery wall as part of a project to raise awareness of photographs taken of Boston and to highlight the lack of sufficient number of photo galleries in the city. Part of the hope is that the city will take heed and utilize photos taken by local professionals to adorn subways and other public space. A large number of locals and tourists offered critique (see photo) and words of praise. One interesting gent came right up to my face and informed me that George Washington (in front of whose statue I was coincidentally standing) was known in his native Virginia as "Indian Killer" because of his propensity to let loose his shot gun on local Native Americans (nothing like snippets of American History from the lunatic fringe to enrich your appreciation of the adopted land). Some asked what we were protesting - I usually replied "Tulips" (click here to see the photo I was exhibiting, note that I did not shoot this picture).

A more graphic description of this event can be found here.

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