Abraham and Isaac sitting on a fence

I did not blog the day I became a father, but I expressed my feelings through pictures. Today, four+ months into fatherhood, I can say that it has been quite an experience. It did not change my life the day it happened, and even now the same holds true. However, there is no doubt that our lives have become full of very joyful experiences, despite a perennial feeling of tiredness that hangs around our shoulders.

The mailbox at home now has 3 different last names on it - गंगोपाध्याय, गांगुली & लाहिरी - practically a village (Any resemblance to names seen in The Namesake is purely coincidental) ! The only mail I get in Oyon's name are bills, so maybe we were premature in sticking his name up there। We should have at least waited till he could read !

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