Let no act of kindness go unsung !

Driving this morning at 80 mph down the highway like I normally do, chatting on the cell phone, I suddenly noticed a car square up with me and maintain it's speed to stay parallel. Looking left, I was treated to the sight of the driver gesticulating and mouthing unintelligible words. "Road Rage" I think - the man looked like the comic-book store owner from the Simpsons, complete with ponytail. I decided that I would take a chance with this maniac since my life has been lately short on adventures, and rolled down the window. He did the same and I heard him shout at me "Pull over, or you will lose the rear tire".

It was true. I pulled in to a nearby rest area. The driver side rear tire was really low, though I did not feel it while driving. A few more miles of 80 mph and ka-boom was likely. I am not sure if there are any safety lights that come on for this stuff. Luckily, despite not having changed a tire in years, it took all of 15 minutes to locate the neatly-tucked away tools and get the mini-spare in place. Thanks to the gentleman's effort to inform me about my impending predicament, I was not stranded by the side of a road with a burst tire, trying to repalce a tire while dodging speeding cars.


David Kimball said...

Wow, I can't believe that happened in Massachusetts. You're lucky, a tire blowout at 80 can be dangerous...

Gangu said...

You are right.. By a strange coincidence, my folks had a tire blow out on a highway in India the very same day. Their car spun several times, but luckily there was no traffic and nobody got hurt !