Jul 25, 2008

Yet another call Center Idea

There are very few in my family that are truly entrepreneurial - my cousin Priya and her husband Eric fall into this minority. Other than being engaged successfully in business for a long term, they are also quick to provide those "million dollar" ideas. Here is one from Eric:

Set up a call center with my son Oyon (along with some of his friends, as volume grows). People who get un-wanted calls from telemarketers or market researchers press a code number on their phone to have these calls transfered to the Phone-Oyon. The unfortunate caller then goes round and round in a dialogue with this call center operators till he gives up and quits. The call center client can also ensure that future calls to his phone from the same caller ID goes straight to Phone-Oyon without even ringing at home.

To find out how it works - click here (need to have speakers on for this)