Dec 31, 2004

Opening Shot

I am a fairly non-descript Indian citizen, living in the US of A as a permanent resident (aka green card holder). I cannot vote, but feel free, nay compelled, to rant and rave about the state of US politics. I eulogize constantly about India's unrestrained growth and the positive differences I perceive in people's attitudes and ambitions, but have as yet made no concrete efforts to shift back to my homeland. My M.O. for obtaining a good Karma is mainly to write a check at intervals to various causes/organizations, based on natural disasters, or the fact that a friend has taken the time and effort to put herself through the paces to be able to run 26 miles straight, purely on the strength of will power and Gatorade. (Oh, by the way, does the charity have 501 (c) (3) status ? Good.)

I read, see movies, attend concerts and recitals, occasionally travel and constantly watch people. I don't do a whole lot, but have a lot to say. I yearn to be a humble narrator. Thus came the decison, lost in the anonymity of the web, I will provide thoughts and rhetoric. It'll mostly be nonsense, but I hope that like the book of poems from where I stole my title, some hidden, perchance witty insight can be separated as wheat from chaffe (Just to make it clear though, the original Abol-Tabol has no chaffe, just all golden wheat ).

Thus, a blogger I am. Close my eyes, deep breath and I am on my way.